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Wellbeing Saunas

The internet's specialist in saunas

Treat yourself to a well merited moment of relaxation with our selection of saunas and spas to install in your home.

Traditional, infrared or even outdoor saunas, find the best in our store dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind.

Need advice? A team of specialists is here to accompany and help you with your purchase. 



A natural method that has proven to work

Originally from Scandinavia, the sauna is a practice that has conquered the world. Purifying the body, improving blood circulation and promoting the elimination of toxins, the sauna is no longer reserved for specialized establishments. By buying a sauna or a spa on our site, you can, whenever you want, enjoy the many benefits of this age-old technique, known for relaxing the body and mind.

Take advantage of the expertise of our team to choose the right sauna

Saunas are currently experiencing unprecedented popularity. Manufacturers are competing with each other in ingenuity and innovation to offer you ever more efficient models. To help you make your choice between traditional Finnish saunas or infrared models, our teams are at your disposal. According to your needs, the space in which you wish to install your sauna and your budget, they will be able to propose you the most adequate model.


The different kinds of saunas

Wellbeingsauna.com is the essential site for the purchase of your sauna. Our specialists offer you a wide choice of references that will satisfy the most diverse requirements. Starting with traditional wooden saunas. The models sold on our website are equipped with electric stoves heating volcanic stones on which you pour water to obtain dry steam. They can reach a temperature of 212°F. We have also selected infrared saunas for you. In contrast to traditional saunas, which allow you to enjoy the heat released by steam, these "new generation" saunas heat the skin directly by means of a radiation system. They offer a more homogeneous heat, between 104°F-140°F. If you wish to create a nice, relaxing area in your garden, you will also find outdoor saunas in different finished to blend harmoniously into your surroundings.

Sauna accessories available on our site

So that you can make the most of your installation at home, the wellbeingsaunas.com team offers you a wide range of sauna accessories: ergonomic wooden backrests, which will enable you to enjoy optimal comfort during your session, buckets with ladles, lava stones or even adapted thermometers. You will also find different types of electric stoves, including models with an evaporator and a water tank in which you can distill a few drops of essential oils to enjoy a regenerating steam bath. In order to make the purchase of a sauna accessible to all, we offer plug-ready saunas, single-phase and equipped with a plug, which can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet without the intervention of a professional.


A perfectly secure site

On wellbeingsaunas.com, you will find saunas of different sizes, acommodating 2-10 people. So that you can order in all serentiy, we guarantee you a perfectly secure transaction, whatever the method of payment you decide to use (credit card, check or bank transfer). You can also take advantage of the payment in 4 installments at no charge. If you need advice, our team will be at your side to help you with your purchase. Do not hestitate to contact us.

Take advantage of free delivery

Because your satisfaction is at the center of our concerns, the delivery of your sauna or spa will be done through a transport compùany specializing in bulky items. Delivery times are mentiond on each product sheet and are reminded when you validate your order. The carrier will contact you to arrange an appointment at your home, from Monday to Friday. The products available on wellbeingsaunas.com can be delivered all throughout the United States.

An available and reactive customer service

If you don't know which model to choose according to your needs, size of the area you want to put it in or due to your budget, our experts are at your disposal to advise you. Our teams can be reached by chat, phone or email from Monday to Friday. Our customer service will also be able to inform you about the follow-up of your order and the delivery date. They are also at your disposal if you need assistance during the installation of your sauna and for its maintenance. As the use of a sauna is not recommended for people prone to certain pathologies, our specialists will also be able to inform you of the necessary precautions to safely enjoy the benefits of this ancestral tradition.