SNÖ 3-person Infrared Natural Canadian Hemlock Sauna 2200W

Warranty 10 years


Material: Canadian Hemlock 
Color: light natural wood
Dimensions: 60" x 41" x 77"
Capacity: 3 people
Power usage: 2200W
Power supply: 120V, 20 amp
Temperature: 64-149°F 
7 heating panels 
Indoor control panel 
MP3/Iphone/Bluetooth/Smartphone function
Indoor use only
Warranty: 10 years on the wooden structure / 3 years on the electronics

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The specialist's opinion on the SNÖ 3-person Infrared Natural Canadian Hemlock Sauna 2200W

The Greek and Roman empires built heating rooms in their small villages to their biggest cities, making these areas an important part of their architecture and their culture, allowing them to relax and reflect. Rooms, tents and cabins intended to purposefully sweat can be seen in what used to be the Ottoman Empire, ancient American civilizations and even in Finland. The Finnish are looked at as the experts on the subject, since the traditional saunas we know today have been heavily influenced by the small, special sauna cabins that were located outside of their homes. It has been estimated that they have been using these cabins for more than 2000 years but some even estimate as far back as 7000 B.C. Yet, things evolve with time, and when the infrared sauna was introduced at the 1893 Chicago World Fair, this new method of heating technology became popular. Infrared wavelengths have even been studied by NASA. It was introduced the the public in the United States in the 1970’s, and can be used for multiple things, such as helping muscle relaxation, controlling stress, and even helping with weight loss. 

Guaranteed for 10 years, this SNÖ 3-person infrared sauna is bigger version of the 2-person Natural infrared sauna, and is made of Canadian hemlock wood, which is highly prized for its homogeneous structure and increased durability. This sauna has a simple and sleek design, letting you place it in the room of your choosing. Its big, glass door along with the slim two windows alongside it, make one forget that they are in such a small, heated space. The walls are equipped with carbon panels, which function like the sun without emitting UV rays. Unlike the traditional sauna where the heater heats the ambient air, the heat created by the 7 infrared panels acts directly on the body. Carbon panels spread the heat more widely than ceramic panels and the temperature rise is faster. 

The modern equipment of your SNÖ infrared cabin will contribute to this soothing atmosphere since it includes: an interior control panel with Bluetooth function to listen to music to help you relax from your phone, an audio system, LED lighting and color therapy.

Sauna typeInfrared
Cord at the topYes
Cord length10 ft
Control panelInterior
Indoor reading lightLED color therapy
Outdoor lightingNo
HandleStainless steel
Capacity3 people
Type of woodCanadian Hemlock
Operating temperature64-149°F
Power supply120V
Total power2200W
ColorNatural wood
Overall Surface Area60" x 41" x 77"
Floor dimensions60" x 41"
Warranty10 years
Weight353 lbs
Package Dimensions 179" x 64" x 7"
Package weight 1143 lbs
Package Dimensions 279" x 42.5" x 7"
Package weight 299 lbs
Package Dimensions 362.5" x 43" x 9"
Package weight 3110 lbs
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